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Jessica Hawk

Corporate Vice President, Data, AI, and Digital Applications, Product Marketing 
Jessica heads product marketing for Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Applications at Microsoft, helping refine the story of some of Microsoft’s most exciting product offerings that help customers achieve more in their data and AI applications, analytics and data science systems, and emerging technologies. She focuses on product strategy, go to market, sales enablement, industry alignment, and drives market making execution and outcomes. Prior to joining Microsoft, Jessica co-founded the Azure-focused partner Capax Global, which merged with Hitachi Solutions in 2019 under her stewardship to become one of a select few Microsoft “Super Partners” covering all aspects of Microsoft’s cloud offerings. She oversaw Capax’s Azure Cloud business including P&L, product strategy, finance and operations, recruiting and team development, and acted as an executive liaison to Microsoft for both Capax Global and Hitachi Solutions. Before that, she spent nine years at the Associated Press and continues to be a staunch advocate for freedom of the press. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

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What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Harness the power of intelligent apps  

Sharing insights on technology transformation along with important updates and resources about the data, AI, and digital application solutions that make Microsoft Azure the platform for the era of AI.

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What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Helping you navigate the fast pace of change 

Our job at Microsoft is to help you understand how the AI era can benefit your organization and trust the AI solutions you deploy are done so safely and responsibly. On that note, here’s a look at some of the innovations and updates we’ve announced recently. 

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The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform—Unleash your data and accelerate your transformation 

The Intelligent Data Platform is a suite of recommended AI, analytics, database, and security products and services. It includes our best offerings, delivering seamless data integration and real-time business intelligence required for powerful decision making, organizational performance, and innovation.

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What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Data operates as the currency of AI 

This month, like every month, I’m sharing a few of the latest updates and resources to help reinforce how Azure can fuel your innovation through data, AI, and digital application solutions.

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What’s new in Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications: Are you ready to go from GenAI experimentation to solutions deployed at scale? 

We are now in the second year of the era of AI. The first year was full of excitement and experimentation, giving all of us a glimpse into the powerful potential of AI to revolutionize experiences for customers, improve employee productivity, and ignite a sense of wonder.

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Key customer benefits of the Microsoft and MongoDB expanded partnership 

Microsoft’s mission is to empower everyone to achieve more, and we know that our customers like using MongoDB to build applications. In year one of our strategic partnership, we collaborated with MongoDB to make it even easier for our joint customers to do more with Microsoft services and MongoDB Atlas on Azure.

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Microsoft Azure AI, Daten und Anwendungsinnovationen tragen dazu bei, Ihre KI-Ambitionen in die Realität zu verwandeln 

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie Unternehmen ihre Dateninvestitionen stärken und intelligente Anwendungen mit KI bei Microsoft Ignite 2023 erstellen können.

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Erstellen von KI-basierten Anwendungen der nächsten Generation in Microsoft Azure 

Bei Microsoft Build kündigen wir die neuesten Azure-Technologien und -Tools für Anwendungsentwicklung und generative KI für Entwickler an. Weitere Informationen

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What’s new in Azure Data & AI: Helping organizations manage the data deluge 

Whether you have large, complex AI workloads or you simply want to make the most of intelligent capabilities in your existing applications, Microsoft and our partners are ready to help you accelerate your productivity with data and AI.