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Monatliche Archive: Juni 2021

Advancing safe deployment with AIOps—introducing Gandalf

Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2021

The continuous monitoring of health metrics is a fundamental part of this process, and this is where AIOps plays a critical role. In the post that follows, we introduce how AI and machine learning are used to empower DevOps engineers, monitor the Azure deployment process at scale, detect issues early, and make rollout or rollback decisions based on impact scope and severity.

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – June 2021

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2021

June brings amortization to the cost analysis preview, says goodbye to Cloudyn, and welcomes many new ways to optimize your costs, from 5 new generally available offers and 5 new previews to 3 lower prices and 3 expanded free offers. And as always, more documentation updates. Enjoy!

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Cost Management

Bring cloud experiences to data workloads anywhere with Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2021

From edge to cloud, companies are eager to find innovative solutions that meet them where they are. Today’s business environment is increasingly complex, and customers tell us they need solutions that are multi-cloud, platform-agnostic, and offer integrated apps and services that are always up to date. Today, we’re announcing the general availability of Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc to help customers manage their data and databases simply and efficiently.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Data

Streamline your custom image building process with Azure VM Image Builder service

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2021

Today we are announcing the general availability of Azure VM Image Builder service, a managed service for you to build custom Linux or Windows VM images with ease, and be compliant with your company’s security policy across Azure and Azure Stack. With Azure VM Image Builder Service, the Microsoft managed service built on HashiCorp Packer, you can describe custom images in a template using new or existing configurations and enables VM image building immediately without setting up and managing your own image building pipeline.

Product Marketing Manager

Manage your digital transformation at scale for retail with Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021

Retail organizations are embracing digital transformation and cloud technologies to be more agile and achieve strategic goals. The cloud enables them to drive innovation, make more informed decisions with data analytics, outpace competitors, and deliver products, services, and applications faster. The path to the cloud is unique for every organization and navigating that journey can be a challenge. We’re excited to share new guidance within the Cloud Adoption Framework for the retail industry.

Senior Director, Azure Industry Marketing

Join Microsoft at ISC 2021 and drive innovations with Azure high-performance computing

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021

Whether it’s understanding our environment, public health, energy sustainability, weather modeling, economic growth, and many others finding solutions to these important challenges requires huge amounts of focused computing power. Customers are increasingly finding the best way to access such high-performance computing (HPC) is through the agility, scale, security, and leading-edge performance of Azure’s purpose-built HPC and AI cloud services.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing

Deploy apps seamlessly with Red Hat JBoss EAP on Azure App Service—now generally available

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021

Red Hat JBoss EAP on Azure App Service is a fully managed offering for Java EE (Jakarta EE) applications. Our customers are excited to have a managed platform for their Java EE (Jakarta EE) applications and the peace of mind that comes with joint support from Red Hat and Microsoft. Today, the offer is generally available, so you can deploy apps into the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform on App Service with no Red Hat subscription or licenses required.

Program Manager II, App Service

Modernize large-scale NFS workloads and eliminate data silos with Azure Blob Storage

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2021

Azure Blob Storage, our object storage platform for storing large-scale data helps customers run their applications using a wide range of protocols. With multi-protocol support, customers can run their applications on a single storage platform with no application rewrites necessary, therefore eliminating data silos. Today, we are announcing that Network File System (NFS) 3.0 protocol support for Azure Blob Storage is now generally available.

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Optimize extreme computing performance with Azure FX-series Virtual Machines

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2021

Today, we are announcing the general availability of the Azure FX-series Virtual Machines available in four regions. Azure FX-series Virtual Machines—based on the 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor—feature a high-performing central processing unit (CPU) clock speed per single core of up to 4 GHz (all core turbo), 21 GB memory per vCPU, and local temporary SSD disks.

Senior Program Manager

Geschäftschancen mit 5G, Edgecomputing und der Cloud erschließen

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

Durch die Möglichkeiten mit 5G, IoT und Echtzeit-KI können Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt neue und innovative Dienste anbieten. So wird auch die Transformation zum Industrie 4.0-Unternehmen vorangetrieben, da die Unternehmen sich weiterentwickeln und neue Geschäftsmodelle übernehmen. Heute stellen wir mit dem privaten Multi-Access Edge Computing in Azure (privates MEC) neue Dienste vor, die die Monetarisierung durch 5G und Edgecomputing beschleunigen. Auch unsere neue Partnerinitiative ermöglicht es Betreibern, SIs und ISVs, von Microsoft geprüfte private Azure MEC-Lösungen für Kunden zu entwickeln.

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure for Operators