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Log Analytics language documentation site has moved

Published date: October 03, 2018

The language documentation site of Azure Log Analytics and Application Insights has been merged into the standard Log Analytics documentation. The tutorials, language reference and cheat sheets are now available in this article.


At the Ignite conference, we announced that Azure Monitor is becoming one unified offering. Part of this change means that Log Analytics and Application Insights are now integrated features within Azure Monitor. Following that approach, we’ve moved the content previously hosted on the external doc site ( into the Azure Monitor documentation.

The Log Analytics language reference page now refers you to the Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) language reference. In a way, this has been the case all along—Log Analytics and Application Insights queries use the Kusto engine and query language, and so does the language documentation. With the recent announcement of Azure Data Explorer, we can now make that relationship explicit and clear.

Something is different…

Documentation updates are still going on, and you might notice there are some differences compared to the previous language site:

  • The Run button that used to appear next to query examples is no longer there. That’s a feature we’re working on. Note that you can still run the examples in the same demo environment, but it requires a copy/paste instead of using the Run button.
  • The Examples page does not appear yet in the new documentation.
  • We’re currently pointing to the Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) language reference, which is slightly different from the Log Analytics flavor. For the time being, you can review these differences on the Log Analytics language reference page. A separate Log Analytics flavor of the articles is still in the works.
  • The Language change log used to detail changes in the language (new operators, changed syntax, etc.) and is not available in the new Azure Data Explorer language reference. Its addition is being evaluated.
  • The previous site had a Search feature that allowed searching for terms within articles. The standard documentation supports filtering articles by name, but not searching their content.

Let us know what you think. Write us at, or post in our community space.

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