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General availability: for Microsoft Azure

Published date: October 28, 2021

You can now run as a service on Azure through the Azure Marketplace. This offer provides you with seamless experience to provision accounts and configure Azure resources to send logs to from Azure portal. Leverage best-in-class provisioning, onboarding, and management experience in Azure with unified billing for the on Azure service through the Azure Marketplace. 

With this service you will be able to:

  • Provision a new account from Azure client interfaces like Azure Portal Azure PowerShell and SDK
  • Streamline single-sign on (SSO) to - a separate sign-on from the portal is no longer required.
  • Configure their Azure resources to send logs to—a fully managed setup with no infrastructure for customers to setup and operate. 
  • Seamlessly send logs and metrics to Today, customers must set up event hubs and write Azure Functions to receive logs from Azure Monitor and send them to 
  • Easily install the agent on VM hosts through a single-click.
  • Get unified billing of SaaS through Azure subscription invoicing.

Try out this new service, “ for Azure” via the Azure Marketplace.

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