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Azure API Management update August 28

Published date: August 16, 2018

The latest update to Azure API Management includes these features and bug fixes:

  • Improved API import from function apps: When importing from a function app, you can now select a single, multiple, or all functions within the app that are configured with an HTTP trigger. We take care of setting security keys so that you can make a successful call immediately after the import is complete.
  • Simplified Add API UI: On the Add API page, we now show only a few required settings and provide one-click access to the full set of configurations.
  • Simplified policy editing for frequently used policies: You can now configure IP restriction, rate limit, cache, and CORS policies by using the form-based policy editor.
  • Specify default SSL binding in the Azure portal UI: When setting a custom domain name for the proxy, you can now mark its certificate as the one to be used when the SNI header is not present.
  • Improved support for revisions in Git configuration: Setting a revision as current now works as expected.
  • Improved support for diagnostics entities in the management API: We now return correct identifiers when you list or get a diagnostic entity in API versions before 2018-06-01-preview.

The update started on August 28, 2018. We upgrade service instances in batches, and it usually takes about a week for the update to reach every active service instance.

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