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General availability: Azure Data Explorer supports Azure private endpoints

Published date: April 07, 2022

Start using private endpoints for your Azure Data Explorer cluster on a virtual network (VNet) to securely access data over a Private Link. Network traffic between the clients on the VNet and the Azure Database Explorer cluster traverses over the VNet and a Private Link on the Microsoft backbone network, removing exposure from the public internet.

Azure Data Explorer private endpoints cluster enables you to:
•    Configure the firewall to block all connections on the public endpoint for Azure Data Explorer.
•    Increase security for the virtual network (VNet) by blocking exfiltration of data from the VNet.
•    Securely connect to Azure Data Explorer clusters from on-premises networks that connect to the VNet using VPN or ExpressRoutes with private-peering.

Additionally, managed private endpoints allows you to access other highly protected Azure PaaS Services (for example, Azure Storage, SQL Database, Event Hubs) from your Azure Data Explorer cluster.

Learn more about enabling Azure private endpoints.

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