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NVv4-Series VMs are now Generally Available

Published date: March 04, 2020

NVv4 VMs are now generally available in US South Central and Europe West regions.

NVv4 Virtual Machines are based on the AMD Radeon Instinct MI25 GPU and is specifically designed to provide you unprecedented GPU resourcing flexibility. You can now choose VMs with a whole GPU all the way down to 1/8th of a GPU. This makes entry-level and low-intensity GPU workloads more cost-effective than ever before, while still giving customers the option to scale up to powerful full-GPU processing power.

NVv4 Virtual Machines support up to 32 vCPUs, 112GB of RAM, and 16 GB of GPU memory.

With our hardware-based GPU virtualization solution built on top of AMD MxGPU and industry standard SR-IOV technology, customers can securely run workloads on virtual GPUs with dedicated GPU frame buffer. more

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