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Power BI Embedded row-level security “username” property supports ASCII characters

Published date: October 18, 2018

When you're integrating Power BI Embedded into your application, the common way to use row-level security dynamically is to configure a role on the dataset, by using Power BI Desktop, that uses the USERNAME() function to pass a parameter on the embed token.

Though the field is called "username," you can pass any value on it, such as country, branch, or machine ID. The caveat was that this field, originally designed for users in Power BI, was limited to UPN values. This limited the use cases for many customers, or required adjusting the data itself in the ETL process.

This limitation has been removed, so any ASCII characters can be passed in this field. There is no need to adjust the data. You can also concatenate multiple values through this field easily and by using DAX to parse and filter multiple values dynamically.

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