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Generally available: Azure Content Delivery Network Premium

Published date: December 03, 2015
Azure Content Delivery Network Premium is an expansion of the existing service, offering a set of new premium features including:
  • Rules Engine   Provides highly granular control over how requests are processed by Content Delivery Network.
  • Advanced Content Analytics   Provides multiple advanced analytic modules to enable deep insight into Content Delivery Network activity, performance, and efficiency, in addition to real-time statistics.
This offer is designed for cloud platform users with simple billing through a single price point rather than multiple line items. The existing offer is now known as CDN Standard. CDN Premium includes everything available in the Standard offer including support for external origin, content purging, country filtering, compression, query string caching, and core analytics.Content Delivery Network has new delivery regions/POPs in Australia, South America, and India.For more information about the capabilities available, please visit the CDN documentation page.
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