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Azure Traffic Manager traffic view

Published date: September 26, 2017

With traffic view, Azure Traffic Manager customers will now be able to understand where their user bases are located (up to a local DNS resolver level granularity), the volume of traffic originating from these regions, and the representative latency experienced. Customers will also be able to deep dive into the specific traffic patterns from each of these user bases to Azure regions where the customer has presence. In addition to providing raw data, Traffic Manager will offer powerful visualization through the Azure portal. Customers will be able to see their user bases with relevant volume and latency information overlaid on a geographic map, which will also show how the traffic flows from various geographies to Azure regions.

Traffic view will give customers actionable intelligence on how to manage their capacity at existing Azure regions, as well as new Azure regions to which they need to expand so that their users will get an even better experience. The visualization through Azure Portal will enable customers to quickly gather insights, dive deep into specific user geographies, and visually inspect traffic flow from different regions.

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