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Azure CDN feature updates

Published date: September 12, 2019

Announcing Bring your own SSL Certificate [BYOC] functionality for Azure CDN from Verizon, as well as CDN managed SSL Certificates for Azure CDN from Akamai. Thanks to our integration with Azure Key Vault, customers can now manage their own SSL Certificates on Verizon, and use the same SSL certificate with Azure CDN from Microsoft for multi-CDN capabilities. Azure CDN from Akamai will now handle procurement, renewals and rotation of your SSL certificates, so you can focus more time on creating content your users care about. Both features are Generally Available at no additional cost.

Additionally we’re happy to announce Apex domain support for Azure CDN. This is enabled through our integration with alias records on Azure DNS. Using the two, you can onboard Apex domains as custom domains to your Azure CDN endpoints quickly and easily. Apex domains can be secured via BYOC.

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