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General availability: Logz.io for Microsoft Azure

Publiceringsdatum: 28 oktober, 2021

You can now run Logz.io as a service on Azure through the Azure Marketplace. This offer provides you with seamless experience to provision Logz.io accounts and configure Azure resources to send logs to Logz.io from Azure portal. Leverage best-in-class provisioning, onboarding, and management experience in Azure with unified billing for the Logz.io on Azure service through the Azure Marketplace. 

With this service you will be able to:

  • Provision a new Logz.io account from Azure client interfaces like Azure Portal Azure PowerShell and SDK
  • Streamline single-sign on (SSO) to Logz.io - a separate sign-on from the Logz.io portal is no longer required.
  • Configure their Azure resources to send logs to Logz.io—a fully managed setup with no infrastructure for customers to setup and operate. 
  • Seamlessly send logs and metrics to Logz.io. Today, customers must set up event hubs and write Azure Functions to receive logs from Azure Monitor and send them to Logz.io. 
  • Easily install the Logz.io agent on VM hosts through a single-click.
  • Get unified billing of Logz.io SaaS through Azure subscription invoicing.

Try out this new service, “Logz.io for Azure” via the Azure Marketplace.

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