Inlägg av: Corey Sanders

A great week at TechEd with Docker

den 3 november 2014

We are just getting back and what a great week in Barcelona at TechEd EMEA with Docker! After just two weeks from our announcement outlining a deep partnership, Docker became the highlight of many parts of the Microsoft event.

Corporate Vice President, Azure

Freakin’ Delightful

den 16 april 2014

Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow of Microsoft Azure, just demo’d at #ChefConf 2014 direct integration of Chef inside a Canonical Ubuntu Virtual Machine using Azure extension technology. We talked…

Corporate Vice President, Azure

Blogging On Virtual Machines

den 10 april 2014

Hello, everyone! We are launching a special category of the Azure blog to focus specifically on Virtual Machine content, coming directly from the engineering team in Azure. I have the distinct…

Corporate Vice President, Azure