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Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics and DocumentDB for your IoT application

13 октября 2015 г.

As the Internet of Things emerges as a change agent in the enterprise, having the right tools is more important than ever. In addition to our recent launch of the Azure IoT Suite, Microsoft has enhanced integration between Azure Stream Analytics and Azure DocumentDB for even faster configuration—and increased time to market.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Stream Analytics

How-old.net: Augmenting Virality in Real Time with Batch Analytics using Data Factory

1 июля 2015 г.

Microsoft launched the How-old.net demo as part of the keynote presentation at Build2015. We started the demo as a test for 50 users but it went viral with more than 33 million users and 236 million images in less than a week of activity. Very soon, this turned out to be a big data question, and we decided to augment real time with historic data analytics.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Data Factory