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New in Azure Maps: API, map control modules, imagery, and styling features

Data da publicação: 16 julho, 2018

These new features are available for Azure Maps customers:

  • IP to Country: This new service enables developers to query for a country based on a specific IP number. It's ideal for capturing the geographic spread of a customer base, or customizing services and content based on customer location. A single IP-to-country transaction is defined as one API call, and is billed at $0.25 per 1,000 transactions.
  • Map control modules—Services and Controls: The Services module enables developers to more easily access the services via an extension module. The Controls module provides optional pan and zoom controls, with a scale to understand ground lengths across the map.  
  • Satellite/hybrid vector map tiles: Satellite and aerial photography are now available as layers in the map control. Satellite imagery provides strictly satellite images of the Earth, whereas hybrid imagery provides satellite images with overlaid layers for roads and labels. 
  • Grayscale maps: A dark-gray map style is for users who want to have a darker scale representation of a map. 

For more information, see the Azure Maps product page.

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