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Azure Backup Reports now includes support for more workloads

Published date: May 17, 2023

Azure Backup Reports now includes support for more workloads: Azure Database for PostgreSQL Servers, Azure Blobs and Azure Disks.

With this update, you can now enable logging of backup-related metadata (such as jobs, backup items, policies, usage) for these workloads, and retain these records for a customizable duration of time depending on your compliance and audit requirements. You can then leverage the canned reporting views that are already provided via the Backup Reports solution today, and view information for protected items corresponding to these workloads.

Since backup functionality for these new workloads are all surfaced via Backup vaults, you will now need to configure reporting on Backup vaults (in a similar way as is configured for Recovery Services vaults today).

If you are a backup operator or admin using Azure Backup for these workloads, here are some of the use-cases you can solve using this feature:

1 - Policy Adherence: With the Policy Adherence view, you can quickly identify whether all your protected disks have had at least one successful backup each day, to demonstrate proof of compliance.

2 - Usage: With the Usage view, you can identify which databases are consuming the most backup storage, along with associated trends, to help with better forecasting.

3 - Jobs: With the Jobs view, you can obtain information on the status of backup and restore jobs across your entire backup estate which triggered in a specified period of time. You can also leverage the 'Email Report' feature to email a csv file of these jobs to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

4 - Custom Alerts: As this feature also unlocks Log Analytics integration for Backup vaults, you can now also write custom log alert queries based on any of these reporting logs (assuming you have custom alerting requirements that are not met by any of the built-in alerting solutions).

In addition, the Log Analytics system function definitions for Azure Backup have now been updated to support these new workloads, which means you can use these same functions to create custom reporting views for Backup vault workloads as well.

Visit the Backup Reports documentation to get started.

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