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Simplify and Modernize your Java and Spring workloads with Azure Service Bus

Published date: August 05, 2020

Azure Service Bus simplifies enterprise messaging scenarios by leveraging familiar queue and topic subscription semantics over the industry driven Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). It offers customers a fully managed PaaS offering with deep integrations with Azures offerings to provide a messaging broker with high throughput and reliable latency while ensuring highly availability, secure design, and scalability as a first class experience.

We’re announcing feature parity with Java Message Service (JMS) 2.0 over AMQP which is available for public preview for the Azure Service Bus Premium tier. With this, we empower customers to seamlessly lift and shift their Java and Spring workloads to Azure while also helping them modernize their application stack to leverage the best of the cloud. We’re not only bringing support for a universal messaging API to Azure Service Bus but also the simplicity of cloud native enterprise messaging PaaS to enterprise customers looking to modernize their stack as they move into the cloud.

With the feature list supported with this public preview (with full parity planned by general availability), Azure Service Bus supports all Java Message Service API contracts, enabling customers to bring their existing applications without rewriting the application.

Get started today by provisioning a Service Bus namespace with JMS features and migrating your existing Java and Spring applications from Active MQ to Service Bus.

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