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Generally available: Diagnostic audit logs for Automation accounts

Published date: April 07, 2022

Azure Automation diagnostic logs allows you to send runbook job status and job streams to the Log Analytics workspace. This data can be queried with the powerful KQL query language to gain deep insights across patterns, correlations, and more.

Today, we are announcing the ability to send audit data for Automation accounts to Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace. This allows enterprises to monitor key Automation account activities for security and compliance. When enabled through the Azure Diagnostics mechanism, you will be able to collect telemetry about create, update, and delete operations for the Automation runbooks and Automation assets. This includes connection, credential, variable, and certificate. This telemetry, as with any other Azure Diagnostics-based telemetry, can be sent to an Azure Storage Blob, Azure Event Hub, or into Azure Monitor logs.

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