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Azure Monitor Community Repository is now available

Published date: July 30, 2020

Announcing the Azure Monitor Community Repository, which provides a collaborative space for community members to share and explore Azure Monitor artifacts such as queries [KQL], workbooks, and alerts. This repo is public and can accept contributions from any Azure Monitor user, for the benefit of the entire Azure Monitor community.

What does the repo contain?

The repository has three main categories, each contains folders for queries, workbooks, and alerts.

These categories are:

  • Azure services – these are examples created for specific Azure services (e.g. Virtual machines, Event Hubs, Logic Apps etc.).
  • Scenarios –  example queries and workbooks that address common 'how to' scenarios, such as 'How to run search queries', 'How to analyze usage and billing', and more.
  • Solutions – this category will have artifacts related to Azure Monitor solutions.

Azure Monitor artifacts have the following forms:

  • Queries – Log Analytics query examples are simply text files of queries and additional details added as comments (query title, resource type, author etc.). You can simply copy the query and run it on your Log Analytics environment, or the Log Analytics demo environment.
  • Workbooks – These are JSON files that you can copy and paste in a workbook (Go to Azure Monitor, open a new workbook, go to edit mode and in advance editor paste the JSON).
  • Alerts - the alerts in this repo are log-based, which means they are in fact log queries commonly used for alerts. You can run them as standard queries or use them to create your own alerts.

With many queries already shared, you’re invited to start exploring and contributing your examples to the Azure Monitor  Community Repository.


For any question or feedback, reach out to us over GitHub or at


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