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Azure Data Factory – announcing new capabilities in public preview

Opublikowano: 25 września, 2017

Senior Program Manager, Information Management

This week at Ignite, we announced new capabilities in Azure Data Factory (ADF) service available in public preview for customers. Azure user preview terms of use can be found here. These new capabilities in ADF will enable you to build hybrid data integration at scale. Now you can create, schedule, and orchestrate your ETL/ELT workflows, wherever your data lives, in the cloud or on any self-hosted network. Meet security and compliance needs while taking advantage of extensive capabilities and paying only for what you use. Accelerate your data integration with multiple data source connectors natively available in-service. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) customers will benefit from easily lifting their SSIS packages into the cloud using new managed SSIS hosting capabilities in Data Factory.

We have taken the first steps to separate Control Flow and Data Flow within ADF to provide greater control over complex orchestrations that now facilitate looping, branching, and conditional structures within Control Flow. We have added new flexibility to scheduling by enabling triggering with wall-clock timers or on-demand via event generation. Parameters can now be defined and passed while invoking pipelines to enable incremental data loads.

Full details of the release and features can be found on the Azure Data Factory service page. We encourage you to try these new capabilities, available at public preview pricing.