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IoT Security updates for September 2020

Published date: September 22, 2020

IoT Security Updates include the following features:

Azure Defender for IoT (previously known as Azure Security Center for IoT) is now publicly available, which incorporates agentless technology from our recent acquisition of CyberX and offers significant new capabilities for securing unmanaged brownfield devices used in operational technology environments.

IoT Security Maturity Model (SSM) motion with Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). With Microsoft s leadership at the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Security Applicability Task Group and as a co-author, the IoT SMM was created and provides organizations and their assessment providers with a consistent approach to matching their security investment with their need.

IoT Edge nesting allows customers to deploy IoT Edge nodes across networks organized in hierarchical layers, where only the top layer has connectivity to the cloud and the lower layers in the hierarchy can only communicate with adjacent north and south layers.

IoT Edge monitor integration enables monitoring of edge fleet and applications at scale by emitting a rich set of metrics from IoT edge system modules. The metrics use the industry-standard Prometheus format, allowing easy integration with existing monitoring solutions as well as enabling local monitoring for offline use cases.

Azure IoT Edge security with enclaves is now generally available, enabling deployment and execution of Trusted Applications in devices suitably equipped with trusted execution environments. Trusted Applications protect the confidentiality of workloads and data in storage, transit, and during execution, thereby safeguarding the most sensitive content. We have been engaging an ecosystem of partners ready to supply and support enclave-capable devices.

Edge Compute Node protection profile for IoT device security certification combines industry-standard definitions and practices to enable how IoT stakeholders create and consume device security claims. This certification will guide device security engineering by device builders and provide objective security claims to device users.

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