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Azure Site Recovery now supports Azure Policy in public preview

Published date: April 29, 2021

You can now leverage Azure Policy to enable Azure Site Recovery for your VMs at scale and ensure organizational standards. Once you have a disaster recovery policy created for a resource group, all the new virtual machines that are added to the Resource Group will have Site Recovery enabled for them automatically. Moreover, for all the virtual machines already present in the Resource Group, you can get Site Recovery enabled through a process called Remediation.

Enabling Azure Policy for your Resource Group

To enable Policy for ASR, search for “Configure disaster recovery on virtual machines by enabling replication" on the Assign Policy page and select the Policy, as shown below:

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In addition to enabling replication for VMs at scale, Policy Support also helps maintain governance and organizational standards. You can monitor Policy Compliance by clicking on the Policy Name on the Policy Assignments page. You can create a Remediation Task that enables replication for non-compliant VMs and make the resources group 100% compliant.

This functionality is available in public preview across all Azure regions. Enable ASR using Azure Policy today and take advantage of management, monitoring, and governance at scale.

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