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Follow Azure updates on the new Microsoft Mechanics

Gepost op 22 oktober, 2015

It can be hard to keep up with the level of innovation that the Cloud enables. Beyond the news and our blog announcements, you may also want to see the technology for yourself, get broader context and understand its’ potential application before you dedicate hours of your time to learn more.

Today marks the launch of Microsoft Mechanics our official new show and video platform for IT professionals and tech enthusiasts. Shows comprise informative demos, how-tos and insights from the engineers and tech leaders behind the technology each Wednesday or as news breaks, all in around ten minutes.

You can expect regular show programming on the latest Azure updates and how you can apply them into your IT environment today.

Learn how we are solving for the ubiquity of technology approaches from container management to service provider level resource management and automation beyond PowerShell, with the new Azure Resource Manager Templates and the upcoming Azure Stack. Technologies that bridge Cloud and on-premises environments with one unified model.

This season, we’ll also explore Cloud-born capabilities such as Azure AD for identity management and how it can be applied to enable easier authentication or sign-in at scale for your consumer applications or as an alternative to identity federation for the secure sharing of external resources to your companies’ business partners.

Our first show airs Wednesday, October 28 with An Early look at Containers in Windows, Hyper-V and Azure – with Mark Russinovich.

Stay informed, subscribe to Microsoft Mechanics to get updates on the latest shows and follow us on Twitter to take part in our launch sweepstakes.