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Generally available: Azure IoT Edge tools for Visual Studio extension now supports Visual Studio 2022

Published date: January 18, 2022

You can now code, build, deploy, simulate and debug your IoT Edge solutions in Visual Studio 2022.

  • New Azure IoT Edge project targeting different platforms (Linux amd64, Linux arm32v7, Linux arm64v8, Windows amd64)
  • Add a new IoT Edge module (C#/C) to solution and now includes support of .NET 6 for C# module
  • Edit, build and debug IoT Edge modules locally on your Visual Studio machine
  • Build and push docker images of IoT Edge modules
  • Run IoT Edge modules in a local or remote simulator
  • Manage IoT Edge devices and modules in IoT Hub

Download the Visual Studio installer 

Learn more about develop and debug edge modules with Visual Studio

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