Whats new with Azure App Service?

2015년 3월 24일 화요일

Previous Azure Service Offering Azure App Service Offering Changes now effective with new App Service offering.
Azure Websites App Service Web Apps (General Availability)
  • The name Azure Websites changes to Azure App Service Web Apps.
  • All existing Azure Websites are now known as Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Web Hosting Plan is now App Service Plan. An App Service Plan can host any service type of App Service, such as Web, Mobile, Logic, or API apps
  • Learn more about Web Apps
Mobile Services App Service Mobile Apps(Public Preview)
  • Existing Mobile services keep working without any changes
  • Mobile Apps is a new Azure service and is a part of Azure App Service.  Mobile Apps is in Public Preview.
  • Migration from existing Mobile Services to Mobile Apps will be available when Mobile Apps become Generally Available
  • Mobile Apps are created and managed in the Azure Preview portal
  • Mobile Apps can access more underlying App Service functionality such CI integration and DevOps
  • Mobile Apps can seamlessly integrate with other App types included in App Service
  • Learn more about Mobile Apps
NA Azure App Service Logic Apps(Public Preview)   Logic Apps is a new Azure service and is part of Azure App Service. Logic Apps is in Public Preview. Learn more about Logic Apps
NA Azure App Service API Apps(Public Preview)   API Apps is a new Azure service and is part of App Service. API Apps is in Public Preview. Learn more API Apps
Azure BizTalk Services BizTalk Connectors API Apps and Logic Apps will come bundled with an extensive set of BizTalk connectors allowing access to many standard enterprise on-prem and and SaaS solutions. Learn more
For more information, visit the App Service page.

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