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Generally available: Updated navigation menu in Azure IoT Central

Published date: February 24, 2022

This update brings an improvement to the information architecture of Azure IoT Central to help you more easily navigate around the UI and find product capabilities. The navigation menu has been improved by re-ordering, re-grouping, and re-naming pages. 

Details of the changes include: 

  • Grouping the navigation menu according to key tasks flows (connect, analyze, manage, extend, security, and settings) 
  • Renaming pages as follows: 
    • Analytics -> Data explorer 
    • Your application -> App management
    • Customize your application -> App appearance 
    • Customize help -> Help links
    • Application template export -> App template export 
    • Device file upload -> Device file storage 
    • Device connection ->   Device connection groups 
  • Cleaning up URLs to match page names
  • Updating the roles page to match the new organization 
  • Updating the default page to be devices (instead of dashboard)
  • Adding a notification informing users of the navigation menu changes 

Try out the new navigation menu in Azure IoT Central when you build an app.

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