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Generally available: Azure Site Recovery support for ZRS Managed Disks

Published date: January 24, 2022

At Ignite 2021, we launched the Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) option for Azure managed disks. ZRS managed disks provide synchronous replication of data across zones in any given region, enabling disks to tolerate zonal failures. This means that if a virtual machine becomes unavailable in an affected zone, you can continue to work with the disk by mounting it to a virtual machine in a different zone.

However, zonal resiliency is insufficient in the event of regional outages. Thus, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now suppoorts ZRS managed disks. With ASR, you can protect your VMs that leverage ZRS managed disks by replicating them to a secondary region of your choice. ASR identifies the source disks to be ZRS managed disks and creates equivalent ZRS managed disks in the secondary region. If there is a regional outage and you are required to failover to the secondary region, the VM(s) that ASR will spin up for you in the secondary region will have ZRS managed disks attached to them, ensuring the same, high level of zonal resiliency that you want.

Learn more about Azure Site Recovery.

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