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Generally available: Industrial IoT Connectivity Partners integrate with Azure IoT Central

Published date: May 17, 2022

With this update comes the integration of Industrial Connectivity Partners - CloudRail and Omnio. With seamless integration for both greenfield and brownfield scenarios these partners are simplifying the connectivity of assets and the onboarding of data to the Azure Cloud via Azure IoT Central.

For each connectivity partner you can:

  • Watch a short demo
  • Watch an IoT show featuring the partner
  • Follow a connectivity tutorial
  • Read a blog about integration
  • Learn more by contacting the partner directly 

Bring the page to life by flipping the ‘Industrial IoT’ toggle at the top of the home page. This experience brings together Industrial IoT (IIoT) learning resources such as architecture diagrams, documentation, and videos.

Get started with industrial scenarios today here.


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