App Service

Build, deploy, and scale web apps on a fully managed platform

High productivity for both devs and ops

Quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps created with popular frameworks .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python, in containers or running on any operating system. Meet rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements by using the fully managed platform for your operational and monitoring tasks.

Easily build powerful web apps and APIs

Use popular frameworks including .NET, .NET Core, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Deploy them in containers or as code, running on Linux or Windows. Use a fully managed platform that provides management, monitoring, and operational insights to meet rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements. Get unparalleled developer productivity with advanced capabilities such as continuous integration, live-site debugging, and Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code IDEs. Tap into prebuilt apps from the Azure Marketplace.

Take control with a fully managed platform

Run and scale your web apps on Windows or Linux using a fully managed platform to perform infrastructure maintenance, load balancing, and more—all with zero-downtime deployments. Connect your apps to SQL or NoSQL databases, in Azure or in your own datacenter. Easily add custom domains, SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO), and identity-service integration to your apps. Get detailed performance and application health insights for accelerated troubleshooting.

Host your apps with confidence

App Service offers an enterprise-grade global datacenter network. Connect your web or mobile apps to enterprise systems or SaaS in minutes. Secure them with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integration, and deploy them in the environment of your choice—public cloud, private cloud, virtual network, or on-premises. Easily set up and run apps at scale in the isolated, compliant, and dedicated Azure App Service Environment. Get more secure, high-speed connections to on-premises corporate resources and other Azure resources, and maintain fine-grained control over network traffic.

Migrate your ASP.NET apps in minutes

Simplify your journey to the cloud by migrating your ASP.NET applications from on-premises to Azure. Quickly and easily assess whether your site could be moved to App Service.

Migrate in three steps:

  1. Assess your app with an endpoint scan.
  2. Migration Assistant をダウンロードします。
  3. アプリを移行します。

Turbocharge your apps using Azure solutions

Use App Service with other popular Azure services for functionality your end users will love.

App Service アプリの詳細

Web Apps

大規模な Web アプリをより迅速に構築してデプロイ


Web App for Containers

コンテナー化された Web アプリのデプロイと実行


Mobile Apps

任意のデバイスを対象としたモバイル アプリの構築


API Apps

簡単操作による API の作成と利用

Real Madrid

Real Madrid が Microsoft Cloud を利用してスタジアムを世界中の 4 億 5 千万人のファンの身近に

現在 Azure で Web Apps を実行している顧客


Application Insights

Web アプリおよびサービスにおける問題の検知、トリアージ、および診断

Visual Studio App Center


Azure Functions

サーバーレス コードを使用してイベントを処理


Microsoft のシンプルな 3 つの手順に従って最初の Web アプリを Azure でホストしましょう