Azure でのサーバーレス

Go serverless—build apps faster without managing infrastructure

Build, deploy, and operate serverless apps on an end-to-end platform

Deliver more value to the core of your business by minimizing the time and resources you spend on infrastructure-related requirements. Use fully managed, end-to-end Azure serverless solutions to boost developer productivity, optimize resources, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Why choose Azure serverless solutions?

Increase developer velocity

Reduce the time spent on tasks that are non-core to the business by freeing developers from infrastructure provisioning and management. Build and deploy faster using developer-friendly APIs, low-code/no-code services, and ready-to-use machine learning and cognitive models.

Boost team performance

Improve team agility and performance by using a fully managed platform to build, deploy, and operate applications. Build for any application pattern and environment—hybrid, cloud, and edge. Proactively manage applications with intelligent monitoring and analysis tools.

Improve organizational impact

Accelerate time to market with Azure serverless solutions that help your organization clear the path to innovation and new revenue opportunities. Reduce your infrastructure total cost of ownership and minimize risk with intelligent security management and advanced threat protection.

Build with end-to-end Azure serverless solutions

Enjoy freedom from infrastructure management no matter what type of application you’re building or technologies you’re using. Choose from a range of serverless execution environments, fully managed services, and a comprehensive set of developer tools and services to build your applications.

Azure serverless compute

Build applications faster by eliminating the need to manage the infrastructure that runs your code and containers

  • Serverless Kubernetes

    Elastically provision pods inside container instances that start in seconds without the need to manage additional compute resources. Create serverless, Kubernetes-based applications using the orchestration capabilities of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and AKS virtual nodes, which are built on the open-source Virtual Kubelet project. Get the best of an event-driven approach by adding KEDA event-driven autoscaling to your AKS cluster. KEDA is an open-source component that enables containers to process events directly from event sources, and it provides the ability to scale to zero.

  • Serverless functions

    Execute code—written in the language of your choice—with Azure Functions, an event-driven compute experience. Scale on demand and pay only for the time your code is executed. Available as a managed service in Azure and Azure Stack, the open source Functions runtime also works on multiple destinations, including Kubernetes, Azure IoT Edge, on-premises, and even in other clouds.

  • Serverless application environments

    Run and scale web, mobile, and API applications on the platform of your choice—in a high-productivity, fully managed environment—with Azure App Service.

“When we can develop a solution in a week using Azure Functions versus four months using traditional methods, that represents a drastic improvement in our ability to solve business-critical problems and focus our developer talent wherever it’s most needed.”
Hristo Papazov, Senior Software Engineer

Azure serverless workflows and integration

Create new apps by orchestrating event-based serverless architectures. Build connected services more easily using a simple API facade that abstracts API implementation complexity.

  • Serverless workflow orchestration

    Integrate data and apps instead of writing complex glue code between disparate systems. Visually create serverless workflows with Azure Logic Apps and use your own APIs, serverless functions, or out-of-the-box software as a service (SaaS) connectors, including Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and Dropbox.

  • Serverless API management

    Publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs with Azure API Management, a fully managed service that offers a usage model designed and implemented to be an organic fit for serverless applications.

  • Serverless messaging

    Simplify event-based application scenarios with Azure Event Grid. Connect serverless logic to events coming from multiple Azure services and external sources using the CloudEvents schema. Build distributed and scalable cloud solutions with connections across private and public cloud environments with the Azure Service Bus messaging infrastructure.

“We can deliver exactly what we had in mind with Azure Logic Apps because it is a flexible and high-performance platform. It offers monitoring of a quality that we have never seen before, and which allows us, for example, to detect anomalies even before they impact our customers. And the pay-per-use economic model is much more advantageous.”
Laurent Guillen, Chief Information Officer

DevOps and developer tools for serverless

Create serverless apps using familiar tools right from your own developer environment and on your favorite operating system. Get first-class services to build, test and deploy functions, containers, and Kubernetes-based applications

  • CI/CD for serverless

    Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private git repos with Azure DevOps. Easily set up continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), add automatic package management, automatically trigger builds, and deploy to Kubernetes, Azure Functions, Azure Web Apps, or any cloud.

  • App development tools

    Build, run, and debug serverless applications with a comprehensive set of developer tools. Use emulators to develop your apps locally for advanced scenarios like Functions and Kubernetes, then easily target them to Azure when you’re ready to deploy.

AI and machine learning for serverless

Infuse your serverless applications with ready-to-use AI and machine learning algorithms. Improve productivity and reduce costs with autoscaling compute and DevOps for machine learning.

  • Cognitive computing

    Enable your serverless apps to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication using Azure Cognitive Services via an API or deployed as containers on Kubernetes.

  • Conversation bots

    Use Azure Bot Service to build intelligent bots that interact naturally with your users through channels such as text/SMS, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office 365, and Twitter.

  • Machine learning models

    Build, train, and deploy models on Azure Machine Learning service, from the cloud to the edge.

“Azure Cognitive Services and the easy integration offered by Azure help us build solutions and onboard new customers in just four to six weeks.”
Sanjoy Roy, Cofounder at

Azure serverless database

Build serverless apps with low-latency access to rich data for a global user base. Use Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, massively scalable, multi-model database service, to create database triggers, input bindings, and output bindings.

Fuji Film
“Azure Cognitive Services and the easy integration offered by Azure help us build solutions and onboard new customers in just four to six weeks.”
Daichi Hayata, MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Image Works Team Advanced Solution Development Group Services Division

Azure serverless storage

Build static web applications on Azure Blob storage or use it as massively scalable storage for unstructured data. Leverage storage events to respond to operations on blobs with multiple serverless architectures. Blob events are pushed through Event Grid to subscribers using Functions, Logic Apps, or even your own custom HTTP listener.

Transport for London

Using a scalable architecture, camera frames are uploaded into Blob storage, which triggers Azure Functions, returns the number of people in the image, and outputs it into Azure Event Hubs.

Azure serverless monitoring

As serverless eliminates traditional infrastructure management tasks, it’s more important than ever that developers have the right instrumentation in place to help debug serverless apps. Gain full observability into your serverless apps using Azure Monitor, an extensible application performance management service to monitor your applications. Collect, analyze, and act on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments to maximize the availability and performance of your apps.

“By running containerized software in Azure, we have a standard way to create, monitor, scale, and manage our applications. We move and respond to customer needs faster. That’s what agility is all about.”
Ståle Heitmann, Chief Technology Officer

Azure serverless analytics

Easily develop and run massively parallel real-time analytics on multiple streams of data—including IoT—using Azure Stream Analytics. With no infrastructure to manage, process data on demand, scale instantly, and only pay per job. Quickly build real-time dashboards with Microsoft Power BI for a live command and control view.

Kolibri Games
“Our Azure-based analytics pipeline can handle the billion events a month we’re throwing at it, and with it, we’re improving our games at an even faster cadence.”
Oliver Löffler, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Azure serverless solution architectures

Dimensione facilmente usando o AKS e a ACIDimensione facilmente usando o AKS e a ACI443321
  1. 概要
  2. フロー


AKS 仮想ノードを使用すれば、数秒で開始されるポッドを ACI 内にプロビジョニングできます。そのため、AKS は平均的なワークロードにちょうど十分な容量で実行されます。AKS クラスターの容量が不足したら、管理の必要なサーバーを追加することなく、ACI で追加のポッドをスケールアウトできます。


  1. 1 ユーザーが Azure Container Registry にコンテナーを登録
  2. 2 コンテナー イメージが Azure Container Registry からプルされる
  3. 3 トラフィックが急激に増加すると、Virtual Kubelet の実装である AKS 仮想ノードによって、AKS の ACI 内にポッドがプロビジョニングされる
  4. 4 AKS コンテナーと ACI コンテナーが共有データ ストアに書き込む
Aplicativo de força de trabalho móvel personalizadoEssa arquitetura de aplicativo de força de trabalho móvel usa o Active Directory para proteger dados corporativos de um sistema de back-end do SAP, entregue aos dispositivos por meio do Gerenciamento de API do Serviço de Aplicativo do Azure.12345678
  1. 概要
  2. フロー

カスタム モバイル ワークフォース アプリ


このモバイル ワークフォース アプリのアーキテクチャでは、Azure App Service API Management 経由でデバイスに送信される SAP バックエンドの企業データを Active Directory でセキュリティ保護します。

iOS、Android、Windows 対応の Xamarin.Forms クライアント アプリはオフラインで動作します。また、このアプリでは、フィールド エンジニアが割り当てられた仕事を表示して編集できます。

アプリは Visual Studio (PC または Mac) および Xamarin を使用して作成されるので、ユーザー エクスペリエンスを損なうことなく Android、iOS、Windows の間で C# コードが共有されます。Visual Studio App Center を使用してビルドとテストを自動化し、ベータ テスターとアプリ ストアへの配布を行います。さらに、それと同時に App Insights を併用して利用状況の監視と分析を実現します。


  1. 1 Visual Studio および Xamarin を使用してアプリを作成します。
  2. 2 Azure App Service Mobile Apps バックエンド サービスをアプリ ソリューションに追加します。
  3. 3 Azure Active Directory を使用して認証を実装します。
  4. 4 Azure API Management を使用して、SAP などの外部システムのビジネス データに接続します。
  5. 5 オフライン同期を実装して、モバイル アプリがネットワーク接続なしでも機能するようにします。
  6. 6 Visual Studio App Center でアプリのビルドとテストを行ってから、そのアプリを発行します。
  7. 7 App Center を使用してアプリをデバイスにデプロイします。
  8. 8 Application Insights を使用してアプリ サービスを監視します。
CI/CD for ContainersContainers make it very easy for you to continuously build and deploy your applications. By orchestrating deployment of those containers using Kubernetes in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), you can achieve replicable, manageable clusters of containers.12345678910
  1. 概要
  2. フロー

コンテナーの CI/CD


コンテナーにより、アプリケーションの継続的なビルドとデプロイが大幅に簡単になります。Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) で Kubernetes を使用してそれらのコンテナーのデプロイを調整すれば、複製できて管理しやすいコンテナーのクラスターを作成できます。

Azure DevOps では、コンテナー イメージを生成するための継続的ビルドを設定し、オーケストレーションすることで、デプロイのスピードと信頼性を向上させることができます。


  1. 1 アプリケーションのソース コードを変更します
  2. 2 アプリケーション コードをコミット
  3. 3 継続的インテグレーションにより、アプリケーションのビルド、コンテナー イメージのビルド、および単体テストが発生
  4. 4 コンテナー イメージを Azure Container Registry にプッシュ
  5. 5 継続的配置トリガーが、環境固有のパラメーターでアプリケーション成果物のデプロイを調整
  6. 6 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) にデプロイ
  7. 7 コンテナー イメージにより Azure Container Registry からコンテナーが起動
  8. 8 Application Insights が正常性、パフォーマンス、使用状況のデータを収集および分析
  9. 9 正常性、パフォーマンス、使用状況の情報を確認
  10. 10 バックログ項目を更新

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Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook, Second Edition

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