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Azure Monitor for Key Vault is now in preview

Published date: June 24, 2020

Get comprehensive monitoring of your key vaults along with a unified view of your Azure Key Vault performance, requests, failures, and latency by using Azure Monitor for Key Vault (in preview).

Built on the Azure Monitor Workbooks platform, Key Vault insights offers:

  • At-scale perspective displaying a snapshot view of performance based on the requests, breakdown of failures, and an overview of the operations and latency.
  • Drill-down analysis of a particular key vault to perform detailed analysis.
  • The ability to customize—Change which metrics you want to see, modify or set thresholds that align with your limits, and save your own workbook.
  • The ability to pin charts in the workbook to Azure dashboards.
  • Integration with Azure Monitor Logs for additional data on your Azure Key Vault activity.

Azure Monitor for Key Vault works out of the box and is available now in the Azure Monitor and Azure Key Vault blades in the Azure portal.

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