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General availability: Transition to Cloud Services (extended support) with new migration tool

Published date: July 07, 2021

The new in-place migration tool provides seamless and platform-orchestrated migration of existing Cloud Services (classic) deployments to Cloud Services (extended support) for most scenarios. Learn more about supported scenarios.   

Key Features: 

  • The migration is fully orchestrated by Azure and moves the entire deployment with all its associated resources to Azure Resource Manager (ARM). 
  • Migrates existing cloud services in three simple steps: validate, prepare, commit (or abort). Learn more about how the migration tool works
  • Provides the ability to test migrated deployment using Azure Resource Manager before finalizing migration. Commit operation finalizes the migration while abort operation rolls back the migration. 
  • Existing deployments and related deployment files can be reused with minor changes. 
  • Retains Cloud Services IP Address and domain name system (DNS) label as part of migration. 

Learn more about the new migration tool.

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