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Generally available: Azure IoT Edge v1.5.0 (LTS) release

Data di pubblicazione: 01 maggio, 2024

The 1.5 version is the latest long-term servicing (LTS) release for Azure IoT Edge. It will be serviced with fixes for regressions and critical security issues through November 10, 2026 (product lifecycle). Full release notes for IoT Edge v1.5 LTS can be found on the GitHub release page.

IoT Edge v1.4 LTS will be supported until November 26, 2024. To continue to receive support and security patches, we highly recommend that you update your IoT Edge to the latest LTS release.

The companion release of Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) 1.5 LTS will be coming in Q3 of this calendar year. Release notes for EFLOW can be found on the EFLOW GitHub releases page.  

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