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Azure IoT Hub Connector to Cassandra now available

Data di pubblicazione: 9 febbraio, 2017

Corporate Vice President, Azure IoT

As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to open source and interoperability in IoT, I’m pleased to announce the release of a new open source project to enable devices that are connected to Azure IoT Hub to store data in a Cassandra database. The code can be found on GitHub.

With this new Cassandra connector, developers can easily build solutions that harness IoT-scale fleets of devices and store data from them in Cassandra tables for later analysis. The library can also be fully customized, if needed. Developers can define the schema of Cassandra tables and specify how data should be stored, whether based on the type of the message or by splitting the incoming data into multiple tables for easier analysis. In addition to the Cassandra connector, we’ve also released a Docker container to make the deployment and testing of the new library a matter of few minutes.

We invite you to follow us on GitHub as we release more libraries, samples and demo applications in the coming months.