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Custom Translator V2 upgrade (full trainability) is generally available

Published date: November 12, 2020

Custom Translator, a Microsoft Translator feature, has a major platform upgrade.

New Custom Translator model architecture
We released Custom Translator platform upgrade (V2) to deliver significant translation quality improvements using Microsoft’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation, a transformer-based architecture. 

Upgrade Benefits
Custom Translator V2 platform upgrade delivers big improvement over standard Translator and the previous V1 platform in many domains. The bar chart depicts the translation quality BLEU scores for some common domains and the impact of training dataset size on translation quality.  

It is important to note that actual quality improvement is dependent upon customer data quality, training dataset size, and in-domain coverage.

V1 Model Deployment Support

V1 models can run on the V2 platform. In the future, V1 models will not be re-deployable.

Customer Testtimony 

We’re hoping that translation through a neural network will not only boost quality and speed, but also offer advances in the evaluation of big data,” said Nikolas Meyer-Aun, Head of Quality and Supplier Management for Languages at Volkswagen AG.

Machine translation speaks Volkswagen – in 40 languages

Custom Translator will offer FREE upgrade to V2. You can re-train one model per project in a workspace to the V2 platform at no charge. When you view a project, you should see a message if you still have free upgrade credit for that project. The offer starts today and ends on January 31, 2021. After January 31, 2021, normal training charges apply for each retraining. For more details, please refer to Custom Translator V2 Blog.

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