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Public Preview: Azure Backup enables vaulted backups for Azure Files for comprehensive data protection.

Tanggal dipublikasikan: 01 April, 2024

To protect the business-critical data stored in Azure Files against severe data loss scenarios like ransomware attack, Azure Backup now supports transferring your Files backups to the vault. The isolated backups enable seamless and assured recovery even if the source data gets compromised. You can easily switch from the snapshot-based backup providing accidental delete protection to vaulted backup for safeguarding Files data against a broader range of malicious data tampering and deletion scenarios varying in severity with the following capabilities:

1.) Enhanced backup security with features like immutability, customer managed key encryption (CMK), soft delete and multi-user authorization (MUA).

2.) Long term retention of data up to 99 years to meet the compliance requirements in regulated industries.

3.) Business continuity in the face of region outages with the ability to restore from the replicated backup copy in Azure paired region.

4.) Assured data recovery even if the production storage or subscription is compromised with an ability to restore to an alternate subscription and file share.

Go ahead and select vault tier in your backup policy to improve the security posture of Azure Files data in these regions with a native, managed and secure offsite backup solution, strengthening business continuity and disaster recovery strategy for mission critical applications.

Configure vaulted backup for Azure Files


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