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Public preview: Azure Data Box Disk

Published date: July 12, 2018

Azure Data Box Disk, an SSD-disk based option for offline data transfer to Azure, is now in preview.

This option is ideal for a recurring or one-time data migration of up to 40 TB to Azure, and is especially well suited for data migration from multiple remote or branch offices. As part of the service offering, we'll send you encrypted SSD disks with a USB/SATA interface for secure data transfer and provide forward/return shipping to our datacenter. Benefits include:

  • Simple to order and use: Place your order through the Azure portal. When you receive the disks, use drag and drop, Robocopy, or any tool of your choice to copy the data. After you ship back the disks to the Azure datacenter, we’ll securely upload your data into your storage account.  
  • Fast data transfer: We ship you up to five disks per order, depending on your capacity requirements. Each disk can be 4 TB or 8 TB  (USB/SATA II, III), so the service is ideal for one-time or recurring data ingestion of up to 40 TB at USB 3.1 data transfer speed.
  • Secure data transfer: The disks use AES 128-bit encryption. After your data is uploaded to Azure, we securely erase the disks in accordance with the NIST 800-88r1 standard.

The Data Box Disk preview is currently available in the EU and the United States. Customers and CSP partners can sign up today for the preview.


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