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Azure Container Instances: February updates

Published date: February 20, 2018

Azure Container Instances now includes support for running containerized tasks. Here are the updates for February 2018:

  • DNS name labels for containers: Configure a reliable endpoint for each container by placing a DNS name label through the REST API or Azure CLI 2.0.

az container create --resource-group MyResourceGroup --name myalpine --image alpine:latest --ports 80 443 --dns-name-label contoso

az container attach --resource-group MyResourceGroup --name myalpine

  • Container restart policies: Designate containers to always restart, restart only on failure, or never restart.
  • Various volume types for mounting: Mount Azure Files, gitRepo, emptyDir, and secret volumes.
  • Guidance on container failures: Error messages provided for container instance failures have been refined and extended to improve self-debugging.
  • Support for the Southeast Asia region: Deploy container instances from Southeast Asia in addition to East US, West US, and West Europe.

For more information, see the product documentation.

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