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Generally available: Azure HPC – CycleCloud 8.1.0

Published date: October 16, 2020

CycleCloud 8.1.0 is now available.

New Features:

  • Evicted spot nodes are now detected immediately
  • New Support button shows cluster details for support and diagnostics
  • Log directories can now be uploaded to Azure Storage from nodes via jetpack report_issue command
  • 'Exclusive' flag is now supported in Grid Engine autoscaling plugin
  • Univa GridEngine cluster provides intelligent resource management and deep integration with native gridengine resources; hostgroups, parallel environments, queues, complexes.
  • Added 'Enterprise Linux 8' support for compute nodes.
  • 'OpenPBS v20.0.1 with Enterprise Linux 8' is now available.
  • cyclecloud-scalelib, a python library used to write your own autoscaler, is now GA
  • Slurm template supports enabling SlurmDBD on Slurm 20.11+
  • Nodes can now be deployed into an existing proximity placement group
  • The full URN for a selected image is now displayed in the UI
  • Jetpack now uses Python 3.8

Resolved Issues:

  • 'DefaultValue' was incorrectly ignored by the region 'ParameterType' in cluster templates
  • NFS worked incorrectly on some systemd based platforms.

Read the release notes.

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