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Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud New Relic One integration and additional feature updates

Published date: July 14, 2021

As of July 2021, the following updates and new features are now available in Azure Spring Cloud:

  • Monitor apps with New Relic One (public preview). As developers move to the cloud, they want to instrument applications for application performance monitoring (APM) using familiar tools. With the integration of New Relic One in Azure Spring Cloud, Spring Boot applications can easily be monitored with New Relic One for faster troubleshooting.

  • Reduced minimum app instance size. App instance size now starts at 0.5 vCPU and 512 MB (reduced from 1 vCPU and 1GB), allowing to you pack more apps in each app instance and achieve greater resource utilization.

  • Automate app deployments with Terraform and Azure Pipeline Task. When you deploy Spring Boot apps to Azure Spring Cloud, you can build end-to-end automation from idea to provisioning Azure resources to deploying those apps to production with Terraform and Azure Pipeline Tasks

  • Azure Virtual Network (VNet) support in Azure China. Azure Virtual Network enables Azure resources to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks. VNet has been one of the most critical components in customers’ cloud adoption journey, and is now available in Azure China.

For more information about Azure Spring Cloud capabilities, visit the documentation.

New Relic One integration.

Automate with Terraform.

Spring Cloud in a VNet.

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