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IoT Hub new features now available for device and module twins

Published date: November 19, 2019

Today we are announcing several feature improvements for Azure IoT Hub device and module twins, namely the support for deep property nesting, and increases to the twin document max size and key/value lengths.

Since its inception, device and module twins have provided a foundation for management of IoT device state and configuration. Several Azure IoT products, including IoT Edge, IoT Central, Azure Sphere, and IoT Plug and Play rely on device twin to exchange state between IoT devices and the cloud. Device and module twin documents carry configuration information that a device needs in order to operate against these cloud services.

We are now enabling the following improvements for device and module twins in all supported IoT Hub regions including sovereign clouds: 

  • Deeper nesting: The objects stored in the tags, desired, reported properties sections of the twin documents can now be up-to 10 levels deep (previously, this limit was at 5 levels).
  • Document size increase: We now allow the desired and reported property sections of the twin document be up-to 32 KB in size, each. The maximum size of the twin tags section remains unchanged at 8 KB.
  • Maximum property key and value length increase: We have also extended the maximum length of twin property keys to 1 KB, and the  maximum length of twin property values to 4 KB.

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