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Azure IoT Edge 1.2.0 release is now generally available

Published date: April 12, 2021

The 1.2.0 version of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements below. Full release notes can be found on the GitHub release page for 1.2.0.

  • Edge Identity Service
  • Integration with on-prem PKI infrastructure via EST standard
  • Storing certs in HSMs via the PKCS11 standard
  • Ability to configure a nested hierarchy of IoT Edge devices
  • Generic MQTT broker (public preview)

Please note that this release contains a large refactoring to the IoT Edge security daemon. The refactoring separates out the daemon's functionality for provisioning and cryptographic services into a set of stand-alone system services. Documentation on these individual system services can be found in the overview of the related Github repository in which they reside.

As always, the API surface exposed by Azure IoT Edge remains backwards compatible. The refactoring does affect the packaging and installation of IoT Edge. While we've worked to minimize the impact of these, there are expected differences. For more information on these changes please refer to our public documentation and for additional details see the discussion of packaging in our public repo.

We recommend that you stay on our LTS branch (1.1) for production scenarios unless one of the features contained in 1.2.0 is a blocker. Please thoroughly test 1.2.0 before using it in production, given the size of the code changes and updates to installation.

Instructions on how to update IoT Edge can be found here.

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