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Azure AD is becoming Microsoft Entra ID

Published date: July 11, 2023

Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). No action is required from you.

The name change to Microsoft Entra ID represents the evolution and unification of the Microsoft Entra product family, and a commitment to simplify secure access experiences for everyone.

No changes to capabilities, licensing, or pricing 

Features and capabilities of Azure AD will continue to be available in Microsoft Entra ID. Prices, terms, and service level agreements also remain the same. To make the transition seamless for you, the Azure AD URLs, APIs and authentication libraries are staying the same, as are developer experiences.

Timing of name change

The name change will roll out across all Microsoft products and experiences throughout the second half of 2023Customers who have access to Azure AD will continue to have access without any planned disruptions.



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