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GA: Azure API Management Developer Portal Unveils Enhanced Features for Increased Developer Productivity

Published date: April 01, 2024

The API Management developer portal is an automatically generated, fully customizable website with the documentation of your APIs. It's where API consumers can discover your APIs, learn how to use them, request access, and try them out. 

We recently improved the portal editor interface to boost your productivity and enhance the interactions with your favorite features and tools.  

In this update, we have enabled the following changes: 

  • A new layout that allows easier management of the developer portal functionality.  

  • Ensure your developer portal works great on all form factors and devices. 

  • Display separate views of the portal to users in different groups. For example, you might want to display certain pages only to groups that are associated with products, or to users that can access specific APIs. 

  • Redesigned the API and product details widgets to elevate the portal experience for visitors. 

  • Grouped helpful resources to support your site management needs. Access them through the Help and resources section of the menu. 

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