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Public Preview: Form Recognizer container support

Published date: July 06, 2021

Container support Form Recognizer is available today. Use this capability to deploy form recognizer solutions to the edge, on premises and in the cloud. Cognitive Services support for containers enables customers to run AI on the edge and build consistent app architectures across the cloud and the edge. 

Run AI on the edge
With ever-increasing volumes of data being generated across organizations, you need the flexibility to deploy AI capabilities in a variety of environments. By deploying Cognitive Services, in containers, you can analyze information close to the physical world where the data resides, to deliver real-time insights and immersive experiences that are highly responsive and contextually aware.

Form Recognizer containers
Containers enable you to run the Form Recognizer service in your own environment. Containers are great when data must remain on premise for specific security and data governance requirements. Form Recognizer features are supported by the following containers  — Layout, Business Card, ID Document, Receipt, Invoice and Custom containers. 

Read the documentation for additional details.

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