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Microsoft and Facebook call for open AI ecosystem gaining broader industry momentum

Publicado el 10 octubre, 2017

Corporate Vice President, AI Platform

Last month we introduced the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format with Facebook to increase interoperability and reduce friction for developing and deploying AI. Since then we’ve talked with many companies that share our goals and recognize the benefits of the ONNX open ecosystem. Today, Facebook and Microsoft are excited to share the following companies are announcing their support for the ONNX format:

We are also adopting the ONNX format widely at Microsoft. Today we are releasing preview support for ONNX in Cognitive Toolkit, our open source, deep learning toolkit. Cognitive Toolkit users can get started by following the instructions on GitHub to install the preview version. We encourage users to try it out and send us feedback.

We are also announcing that Project Brainwave, our FPGA-based deep learning platform for accelerating real-time AI, will support the ONNX format. By supporting it, Project Brainwave will help customers accelerate models from a variety of frameworks. The ONNX format also enables Project Brainwave innovation by letting us focus on acceleration optimizations instead of duplicative code for converting models.

It’s exciting times for AI. Just two weeks ago we announced major innovations to the Microsoft AI platform, including new and updated services and tools such as Azure Machine Learning and Visual Studio Code Tools for AI. We believe saving time with a productive AI platform while increasing interoperability will make it easier for developers to innovate and deploy AI on their terms. We are excited about the companies announcing support for the ONNX ecosystem today and invite others in the community to join the effort. You can visit to learn more.