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The Azure IoT Node.js SDK releases a new long term support (LTS) branch

Published date: August 03, 2020

The Azure IoT Node.js SDK has released a new long-term support (LTS) branch, lts_07_2020.

The lts_09_2018 branch has been removed. The lts_09_2019 branch will be supported through September of 2020 and removed in March of 2021. This new LTS branch, lts_07_2020, will be maintained trhough July of 2021 and removed in January of 2022. For the full schedule of our current LTS plan, please see the long term support information in the SDK's Github repository. 

As always, please reach out on our Github if you have questions.

What's an LTS branch?

While we share frequent releases on our GitHub repositories with the latest and greatest features, we also offer a stable branch—the LTS branch—that only gets critical bug fixes and security patches. This branch provides critical updates with minimal impact to your device’s code. The LTS and master branches provide you with the flexibility to build stable solutions while still accessing the latest technology and Github issue support.


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