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Support for the 1.x version of Azure Functions ends 14 September 2026

Published date: September 29, 2023

On 14 September 2026, support for version 1.x of the Azure Functions runtime will end. You'll still be able to use that version beyond that date, but it will no longer be supported or receive software or security updates.

To continue with a supported version, migrate to version 4.x of the Azure Functions runtime, which includes benefits such as:

  • Support for additional target framework versions, including .NET Framework 4.8, .NET 6, and .NET 7.
  • Ability to work with the latest Azure SDKs.
  • Enhanced monitoring options.
  • Improved reliability, throughput, and cold-start performance.

Recommended Action

To ensure your function apps continue to receive support, migrate to version 4.x of the Azure Functions runtime by 14 September 2026. 

Help and support 

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a support request:

  1. For Issue type, select Technical.
  2. For Subscription, select your subscription.
  3. For Service, select My services.
  4. For Service type, select Function App.
  5. For Resource, select your function app resource.
  6. For Summary, type a description of your issue.
  7. For Problem type, select Configuring and Managing Function Apps.  
  8. For Problem subtype, select Updating Function App Language Version.
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