Azure Site Recovery Update Rollup 36 (May 2019)

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2019

The latest update rollup for Azure Site Recovery is now available.

Update rollup 36

This update provides a number of fixes, and download links to the latest versions of these Site Recovery components:

  • Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup/Mobility agent (9.24.5211.11) for Windows/CentOS/Ubuntu machines—used for replication from VMware and physical servers to Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Configuration Server (5.1.4150.0).
  • Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider (5.1.4150.0)—used for Hyper-V replication to Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (2.0.9160.0)—used for replication of Hyper-V to Azure.

For more information about fixes and installation, read KB 4503156.

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