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Public preview: Clustering Support for JBoss EAP on Azure App Service

Published date: March 16, 2022

In JBoss EAP, clustering encompasses services such as load balancing between instances, failover, sharing session state, managing transactions, and more. There are two operating modes for EAP clusters: managed domain clusters and standalone clusters. The same capabilities are available in either operating mode, they are only different in how you manage the servers.

  • Managed Domain: In this operating mode, a domain controller (and one or more host controllers) is the central control plane for the cluster.
  • Standalone: In this operating mode, each member of the cluster has its own configuration.

On App Service, JBoss EAP is always deployed in standalone mode and Azure acts as the central management plane for deploying code, scaling in/out, updating configuration, etc. When you create a JBoss EAP site and join it to a virtual network, JBoss EAP will automatically be booted with a clustered configuration profile and use the virtual network for node-to-node communication.

Follow this QuickStart to deploy an ARM template with the necessary resources, deploy a stateful session application, and observe the session information being distributed across the cluster.

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